Comfort: Comparison of DXRacer and AKRacing Seat Padding & Materials

Comfort: Which brand makes more comfortable chairs?

Which brand offers the most comfortable chairs – AKRacing or DXRacer? Which models have the best quality of foam and material? Here I will compare both brands in terms of comfort – I will consider foam density and materials on the seats and what customers think about their quality and comfort.

DXRacer Comfort – My Overview

Seat Padding (Foam)

Each chair made by DXRacer features High Density Mold Shaping Foam. You’re probably wondering what is it?

High Density Mould Shaping Foam – What Is It?

Well, this type of foam has ergonomic shape and it molds to user’s body. When you stand up the foam goes back to its original shape. Moreover, this type of foam doesn’t get flat and doesn’t lose its ergonomic shape for a very long time. The higher the density, the longer the foam lasts and provides comfort.

All DXRacer chairs have foam density of at least 50 kg/m3. You can find it for example on chairs from Racing, and Valkyrie Series.

Some of Drifting Series chairs also have foam density of 50 kg/m3, while other models have density of 52 kg/m3.

Formula, Sentinel and Tank Series chairs have foam density of 52 kg/m3.

The highest foam density we can find on King, Boss, Classic, and Iron Series chairs – 54 kg/m3.

As you can see chairs that have higher foam density are the ones that also have higher weight limit. It’s understandable – these models are supposed to hold heavier users. Therefore the foam needs to be stronger and more durable so it doesn’t get flat when a big guy sits on it!


Now let’s take a look at materials that we can find on DXRacer seats.

Some Series have few models that come with different seat covers (and have different color versions), so you can actually chose the material that you prefer. However 3 out of 10 DXRacer Series offer only one type of seat cover. Let’s start with those Series.

Valkyrie Series chairs have seat cover made of Polyurethane Leather, while Boss and Classic Series chairs have only Leather Style Vinyl seat cover.

Other DXRacer Series offer at least two different materials to choose from. For example: Tank offers not only PU Leather but also Strong Mesh, while King gives you two choices – Carbon Look Vinyl + PU Leather or Strong Mesh + PU Leather. 

Most DXRacer models are available with different kinds of upholstery which is a very good thing

Some Series offer even five materials. For example Drifting and Iron offer Strong Mesh, PU Leather, Perforated Vinyl + Leather Style Vinyl, PU Leather + Leather Style Vinyl and Full Grain Leather. The latter one is not available on any other DXRacer chair. 

The most popular Series: Racing and Formula also give the customers wide choice of materials. The Racing Series has 3 different seat cover materials (Strong Mesh + PU Leather, PU Leather, and Carbon Look Vinyl + PU Leather), while the Formula Series offers 4 types of covers (Strong Mesh, PU Leather, Strong Mesh + PU Leather, and Carbon Look Vinyl + PU Leather).

As you can see DXRacer allows you to choose the seat cover material for most of their chairs. It means that if you decide to purchase a chair from for example Iron or Racing Series, you can choose from a few different versions that have different seat cover.

If you’re not a fan of mesh fabric you can choose PU Leather, if you don’t like Vinyl Leather you can choose Full Grain Leather. It’s really awesome that DXRacer gives customers such a vast choice!

Keep in mind that armrests don’t have any fabric or leather cover.

What Customers Think About DXRacer Seat Quality And Comfort?

Generally speaking most of users are satisfied with the quality of foam and seat cover materials. Majority of customers also say that DXRacer seats are very comfortable. 

People often ask: “How long DXRacer chairs last?”.

Many users say that the foam (regardless its density) is very solid, durable and remains its shape even after a year! It doesn’t flatten out, even if you sit on the chair for several hours every day there’s no sagging, no deflation.

I found only a few negative opinions which mention that foam has compressed after several months.

Majority of customers confirm that the foam is really high-quality and they rave about its longevity.

Some people compare it to their old chairs where foam and padding had deflated very quickly, but it’s not the case with DXRacer chairs (more here).

Most of customers agree that the material is reasonably breathable and doesn’t make the user sweaty – whether it is PU Leather, Strong Mesh or other types of covers.

However there are a few reviews that mention the material on the seat may get hot and sticky which is irritating if you like gaming/working in shorts.

These reviews refer mainly to materials like Leather Style Vinyl (on Boss and Classic Series chairs) and Carbon Look Vinyl + Polyurethane Leather (on King Series chairs). Only a few users complain the material feels slippery.

I personally use DXRacer chair with PU Leather cover on the seat and the material is actually quite breathable. During hot summer days, when I spend on it 8+ hours it may accumulate heat a bit, but it’s not a big deal, it only encourage me to stand up more often.

Most users also agree that the materials (different types of faux leather, mesh fabric and the combination of these materials) are high-quality and soft, but not too soft.

The whole seat is thick and firm rather than cushy like a couch so you don’t sink into it. Users like it that way because it’s comfy and supportive during long hours of sitting and gaming. According to some customers this is a perfect balance between durability, firmness, softness and comfort. Moreover each type of material is easy to clean.

According to customers the Full Grain Leather is also very comfortable, looks high-quality and it’s firm and soft at the same time.

I found a few reviews that say the foam is too firm and the material is too stiff, but these reviews were often written by people who were much smaller than the chair height and weight recommendation says.

For example if a person who weighs 200 lbs sits on a chair that is most comfortable for people who weigh 400-450 lbs, the seat may seem too stiff and hard for him – read more in this review or this one).

Of course there are also couple reviews written by people who have chosen the chair properly and it wasn’t comfy for them – everything is a matter of preferences, right?

Most of people who chose the chair accordingly to their weight and body type – agree that the foam and material firmness is just perfect and provides proper support and comfort. Such a firm seat properly supports recommended user’s weight and molds to his body – protecting him from getting numb.

Most people also say that stitches and sewing quality is high. Only a few users mention stitching was uneven or had some defects, or start pulling apart after couple months.

Generally speaking people like the materials on DXRacer chairs, because they are thick and more durable, highly resistant to tearing and according to many users there are no signs of wear even after few months!

Several customer who have DXRacer chair with PU Leather cover mention about a smell which was gone after few days.

Even though the armrests are not padded with any fabric, users say they are comfortable and more durable, because they won’t wear out or tear like arms with fabric cover.

To sum up – majority of customers are very happy with the quality and durability of foam and seat material, as well as the comfort it provides, especially if the chair is properly chosen – accordingly to the user’s height and weight. My final rate: 9/10.

AKRacing Comfort – My Overview

Seat Padding (Foam)

Similar to DXRacer, all chairs from AKRacing have high-quality cold-cured foam. What is great about this cold molding foam is that it keeps density and stays in shape for a long time.

All AKRacing gaming chairs from Legacy Series have the same foam density on the backrest: 50 kg/m3 and seat: 55 kg/m3, except for K7 Series and Prime Series chairs, which have a bit smaller foam density on the seat: 49 kg/m3.

Chairs from the new series: AKRacing Core, Masters and Office, have High Density Mould Shaping Foam and the density is 50kg/m3 on the back and 55kg/m3 on the seat (on all of these chairs).

What’s important, the new AKRacing chairs differ in weight of foam, which is basically the amount of foam that you can find in the chair.

For example, AKRacing EX from Core Series has 4.85 lbs of high-quality foam. EX-Wide gaming chair has additional 22% of foam, while LX model has 10% more foam than EX. 

Premium gaming chair from Masters Series has even 30% more foam, while Pro chair has  70% more foam than EX model. 

When it comes to AKRacing Office Series, Obsidian gaming chair has 30% more foam in comparison to EX, while Onyx model has two times more foam than EX!

It’s understandable when we consider that these chairs are designed for bigger users, therefore they must have more foam to provide maximum durability and proper amount of comfort and firmness for heavier and taller person.


Okay, now let’s see what materials AKRacing uses for seat covers.

Briefly speaking, there are two types of materials for the upholstery: polyester fabric or PU leather. What’s important, each model has assigned one type of material and you cannot change it (except for AKRacing Office Onyx – as you’ll see later).

Therefore if you decide to buy AKRacing EX chair you’ll receive a fabric seat cover and you can’t change it for PU leather. This is the biggest difference between AKRacing and DXRacer when it comes to materials.

From Legacy Series, K7 and Prime gaming chairs are the only AKRacing models that have fabric seat cover. 

Onyx chair comes with pleather on the front and back, while Onyx Deluxe chair has real leather on the front and pleather on the back.

Other chairs offer PU Leather as seat cover material. It’s not only high-quality but also easy to clean.

When it comes to new series, AKRacing EX, EX-Wide and Opal are the only fabric chairs with polyester upholstery. This fabric is soft and breathable so it’s a good choice for those who live in hot climate or have tendency to sweat. 

SX and LX come with high-quality PU leather upholstery, while Max, Premium, Pro, Obsidian and Onyx have pleather cover. Both materials are very easy to clean and look sharp. Onyx Deluxe has top grain leather on front and pleather on back. If you’re not into PU leather or mesh fabric covers, but executive look is your thing – choose this chair.

Not everyone is a fan of PU leather cover as it may get hot when you sit on it for many hours, especially on summer days. If you’re a sweaty guy or you live in hot place you may want to consider AKRacing Masters Series Pro gaming chair which has perforated PU leather cover to provide better breathability. 

Keep in mind that the armrests on all AKRacing chairs don’t have any cover.

What Customers Think About AKRacing Seat Quality And Comfort?

As I mention before, AKRacing chairs (especially the new series from 2018) are less famous and popular than DXRacer’s so there’s less customer reviews and less opinions about comfort and quality. However, most of the reviews are positive and most customers agree these chairs are comfortable.

Despite the differences in foam density in different models, customers say the foam in seat is firm and a bit cushy. After a while the seat gets a bit more soft, but not too soft and the user don’t fall into the seat. Most of people say the padding is good and comfy.

When it comes to materials, majority of customers is satisfied with it and praise its quality – both the fabric and faux leather. People who don’t like chairs with faux leather cover, prefer models with fabric cover – K7 and Prime Series and say the material is comfortable and doesn’t get hot. It’s the same with the new AKRacing Core Series EX chairs – users say the fabric is awesome and very breathable.

Other customers who bought AKRacing chairs with PU leather seat cover mention the material is a bit stiff at the beginning, but after a while it gets softer and even more comfortable. It feels and looks high-quality and durable. Users also praise the stitching and thoughtful, detailed design.

Users of AKRacing Onyx Deluxe which has real leather on the front are very satisfied with the quality – the stitching is perfect, the leather looks awesome and feels strong and durable.

Only a few people complain about the quality of materials (fabric and PU leather) and say it feels cheaply made or that the chair came with torn PU leather cover. 

Anyway, although there are not so many reviews, most of customers are happy with the comfort and quality of foam and materials of the seat.

When it comes to new Core, Masters and Office Series most users agree they are super comfortable. Only a few customers mention the padding felt too hard and wasn’t thick enough.

Most people rave about the quality and comfort of the new AKRacing chairs. Some even say they help them with back and neck pain! These chairs are good for long gaming sessions and they are built like a car seats – according to many users. The quality is premium and worth the money. Almost all customers say the assembling was super easily and quick too. My final rate: 9/10

My Verdict: Which Brand Offers The Best Quality And Most Comfortable Seat (Foam & Material)?

I think both DXRacer and AKRacing have really high-quality seats and a large majority of users agree they are super comfortable.

Chairs made by these two brands have durable foam that is very solid, firm and supportive (when the chair is properly chosen to user’s body type). Moreover the materials are breathable and strong, and stitching is fantastic.

I think that when it comes to comfort you can’t go wrong with DXRacer and AKRacing chairs. However, in terms of customization DXRacer is a winner, because you can choose a material for many chairs from their collection.

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