Style & Colors: Comparison of DXRacer and AKRacing Chairs Design

Design: Which brand is better in terms of design?

Generally speaking all chairs from these two brands have bucket-style seat. However they differ a bit in design and colors therefore some of them may suit your style and preferences better.

DXRacer Design Overview

There are two main types of DXRacer chairs: Gaming Chairs and Office Chairs. 

DXRacer Gaming Series chairs: Formula, Racing, King, Valkyrie, Sentinel, Tank

DXRacer Office Series chairs: Drifting, Iron, Boss, Classic

All Series of gaming chairs have the same bucket-style design with two holes on the headrest and wings on both sides of the seat and backrest. The height of wings differ on each model, for example Iron has smaller wings than King which allows the user to spread his legs wider.

Drifting and Iron Series have bucket-style seat as well, but these are office chairs therefore they have more elegant look. They do not have holes in the headrest. 

Other Series of office chairs – Boss and Classic have a bit different design. The seat is bucket-style as well, but the backrest and the seat have different shape and the wings are much smaller. Overall, the design of Boss and Classic combines features of executive and gaming chairs.

You can see the differences in design of DXRacer chairs in the picture below:

Each DXRacer chair offers adjustable lumbar cushion. All models have also a neck pillow included in the price. It matches the color of the chair. Keep in mind that there are three types of neck cushion – they are shown in the picture below.   

The first pillow on the left is included with the Formula, Racing, Drifting, Valkyrie, Iron, King, Sentinel and Tank Series. This neck pillow is adjustable which means you can move it up and down so that it can support your neck properly.

The second pillow is also adjustable and you can find it on some models of Racing Series.

The third neck pillow is included with Boss and Classic Series. It is integrated with the backrest, which means it’s non-adjustable and you can’t remove it.

DXRacer offers really wide range of colors for their chairs. Some Series, like Valkyrie or Boss come in 3 colors, while others like Drifting, Racing and Formula are available in over 10 color versions! Of course the availability of colors changes quickly.

Thanks to large choice of colors you will be able to pick a chair that suits your style and looks great in your gaming room.

What Customers Think About DXRacer Chairs Design?

You probably wonder what other customers say about DXRacer gaming chairs design. Well, most of them are really satisfied with it and say the chairs look sharp and cool. Possibility of choosing the color version from such a wide range of colors is a big advantage.

AKRacing Design Overview

AKRacing chairs from Legacy Series have bucket-style seat with two holes in the headrest. These chairs look like racing car seats.

Legacy chairs is available in 4-8 color versions. Usually AKRacing chairs are black and only some parts are colored (for example wings) and you can choose the color for that. Prime Series is a bit different, because the whole seat is colored (you can choose the color) and only some elements are black.

The old Onyx chair differs from other chairs – it doesn’t have holes in the headrest. It looks like a combination of gaming and executive style chair.

Onyx and Onyx Deluxe are available in one color – black – and they look a bit more elegant, like executive chairs. So you have only one color, but two materials to choose from (pleather and real leather).

All AKRacing Legacy Series chairs have the same adjustable lumbar and neck pillows that match the color of the chair (all have the same shape).

New models from AKRacing Core, Masters and Office Series have bucket-style design as well. However there are three chairs that have bucket-style backrest, but the seat is almost even (no wings on each side = no pressure on thighs). I’m talking here about AKRacing Masters Series Max chair and AKRacing Office Series Opal and Obsidian chairs.

When it comes to backrest, all chairs look similar, but some models have bigger wings on the sides, while others have smaller wings.

Look at the LX, Premium and Opal chairs and notice the differences between their backrests:

Most of new chairs have two holes at the top of the backrest which allow you to attach the neck pillow with a special clip. However, Premium chair from Masters Series and Onyx chair from Office Series don’t have these holes. It means that if you want to attach the neck cushion you need to put the strap around the headrest.

All these new chairs comes in many color versions – models from Core and Masters Series gives us 4-6 options (usually we can choose from black, red, blue, sometimes also green and white). 

Among these chairs AKRacing Masters Premium has the most unique design. You can purchase this chair in fancy color versions like Artica, Tri-color, Camouflage and more.

Chairs from AKRacing Office Series are available in only one color – black (but with Onyx you can choose from 2 materials for the seat cover – PU leather and real leather). 

Design of these models is similar to gaming chairs, but it’s more sophisticated and elegant. They look a bit like executive chairs – to match more conservative office environment.

At the end I’d like to mention differences in neck pillows. All Legacy Series chairs have the same cushions for neck support (the shape is the same). However the new series differ a bit in that matter. 

New AKRacing Series offer 3 types of pillows:

All models from AKRacing Core Series, as well as AKRacing Masters Pro & Premium have the same pillows, that look similar to Legacy Series pillows.

Max chair from Masters Series and Opal chair from Office Series have bigger pillows that provide extended support. 

On AKRacing Office Series Obsidian and Onyx we can find even bigger full-head cushions that give exceptional support for cervical spine and head.

What Customers Think About AKRacing Chairs Design?

Most of customers like the design of AKRacing chairs as it is not too flashy. The selection of colors is not overwhelming but allows you to choose a chair that matches your room, which is a big plus. Customers really like the look of the new series.


AKRacing and DXRacer offer good selection of colors and awesome design which will definitely look great in every gaming room.

The material looks high-quality and most of these chairs look like seats from a racing car! Both brands make also chairs that look a bit like executive chairs (for example AKRacing Onyx and DXRacer Classic) so you can actually use them in your office as well.

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