Durability: Comparison of DXRacer and AKRacing Bases & Wheel Casters

Durability: Which brand is better in terms of durability?

At the first glance it seems like all chairs have the same base, however there are some differences not only between different brands, but also between models from one manufacturer. The major difference is the material that the base is made of and the size of casters.

DXRacer Durability Overview – 8/10

All DXRacer chairs have 5-star base which is made of either aluminum or nylon. Usually the bases are black and have colored pads on each leg that match the rest of the chair.

Generally speaking chairs with higher weight and height limit have aluminum bases, while the models with lower weight capacity usually have nylon bases (but not always, as you will see later). 

Nylon vs Aluminum bases – Which is better?

Are you wondering what are the differences between aluminum and nylon bases or which one would be better for you?

Well, the main difference between nylon and aluminum base is that the latter one can hold more weight.

Aluminum base is simply stronger. This is the main reason why you can find nylon base only on the chairs that are designed for smaller and lighter people, but not on the models that are suitable for heavy users. However, the aluminum base can be found on both smaller and bigger models.

Another difference is that nylon base has matte finish, while aluminum one has shiny finish. Moreover, nylon is available only in black, on the other hand aluminum bases come in black and silver.

Depending on the model there are a few types of the aluminum base: Narrow Aluminum Base, Wide Aluminum Base and Inlaid Color Bar Base (which has some decorative elements).

The Wide Aluminum Base is the strongest and biggest base of all DXRacer bases and it is suitable to support more weight. That’s why we can find it on chairs that are designed for heavier and taller users: Boss Series, Classic Series, Iron Series, King Series and Tank Series. These chairs have weight capacity of at least 275 pounds. They are equipped not only with stronger (aluminum) and wider base but they also have bigger wheels (3’’ PU casters).

However, not only heavy duty chairs are equipped with aluminum base. Models with smaller weight capacity may have it too, but it will be a bit smaller.

For example, on DXRacer Drifting Series chairs we can find Narrow Aluminum Base with 2’’ PU casters or Inlaid Color Bar Base, which is also made of aluminum, but has additional inlaid decorations. They come with 2’’ or 3’’ PU casters, depending on the model.

DXRacer bases comparison

Chairs from Valkyrie Series also have aluminum base, but what is noteworthy – it has completely different shape and looks like a spider (Spider base). Valkyrie chairs are also equipped with 3’’ PU casters. 

Now let’s take a look at the most popular DXRacer chairs – Formula Series and Racing Series. 

All chairs from Formula Series have 2’’ PU Casters, however some models have nylon base, while others have Inlaid Color Bar Base, made of aluminum. Despite the differences in material used for the base, all Formula Series chairs are suitable to hold 200 lbs.

DXRacer Racing Series chairs have three types of base: nylon base with 2’’ PU casters, Narrow Aluminum Base with 2’’ PU casters or Inlaid Color Bar Base with 3’’ PU casters. All chairs from Racing Series have capacity of 225 lbs.

What Customers Think About DXRacer Bases and Wheel Casters?

I went through hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon and it turns out that most of users praise DXRacer bases. Let’s start with the Wide Aluminum Base and 3’’ PU casters that we can find on chairs with higher weight capacity.

Customers say this type of base is really big, solid, sturdy and well-balanced. With such a huge base you can feel confident you won’t fall backwards even when you tilt back. Moreover you can be sure this base will last a long time, which is very important if you’re going to use this chair for many hours a day. 

People also rave about the casters as they are big, stable and move easily. They roll smoothly and quietly. Some people say the wheels may struggle a bit on a carpet, however a few other customers mention they roll easily on carpet.

A few customers mention that because this base is so heavy they needed help during assembling. Moreover metal frame and base makes the chair heavy, but thanks to such a big base they feel very stable on the chair and nothing wobbles.

Some people also mention that they received incorrect base, but the right one was send to them for free really quickly.

I’ve also found a review that stated the design of the base on King Series chairs is not very good, because each leg has sharp front edge which may cause the user to scrape his heels on. I haven’t found any other complains about this issue though.

When it comes to 2’’ casters there are different opinions as well. Most of people say they are high-quality and roll really smoothly on carpet and plastic matt, few users have replaced them with roller blade casters, while others say the wheels on their chair are loud especially on hardwood floor.

A few people also complain about casters quality. Some customers also mention that a few wheels have broken, but they received a replacement really quickly and even few extra ones free of charge.

What people say about the aluminum Inlaid Color Bar Base? Many users praise how strong and stable it feels – they can rock back and forth or recline all the way back without worrying about tipping over. Although this base is also weighty, people are satisfied with it and say it feels well-crafted and sturdy.

What people think about the nylon base on DXRacer chairs? Well, there are a few complains about the colored plastic pieces that are attached to each leg – according to some customers they feel cheap and pop off on occasion.

I can confirm that as I’m using DXRacer Racing Series chair for over 3 years, however it doesn’t bother me that much and doesn’t influence its overall performance. 

Generally speaking majority of users are happy with this type of base and its stability as well. Some customers wonder about its longevity and say they would prefer a metal base.

AKRacing Durability Overview – 7/10

Old models (from AKRacing Legacy Series) have 5-star base made of metal and 2.5’’ PU casters, regardless of their weight and height limit.

K7 Series, Nitro, Octane, Overture, Player Series chairs have black aluminum base. The chairs from Premium Series have chrome base. Arctica has white-colored base.

ProX Series chairs have colored base (blue, silver, white or red) that matches the seat color. Chairs from Onyx Series have aluminum bases with silver finish that adds more luxurious look.

The new chairs from AKRacing have 5-star metal base as well. Core Series (EX, EX-Wide, SX and LX) are equipped with steel base. Masters Series chairs have chrome or colored advanced high tensile strength molded aluminum base. This type is even 10 times stronger than base made of steel! Office Series also has metal frame (made of aluminum).

What is really great is that bases of all new chairs from AKRacing are covered with anti-corrosive paint. So you can be sure they will last and look great over time. 

AKRacing Core, Masters and Office chairs come with 2.5’’ PU casters. The only exceptions are Masters Pro chairs which are equipped with 3’’ casters, and Office Onyx chairs which have 2.6” casters.

All chairs have rounded bases, except for Onyx (from Legacy and Office Series), Max and Premium (from Masters Series).

What Customers Think About AKRacing Bases And Wheel Casters?

Generally speaking there are less customer reviews about AKRacing bases than about DXRacer bases, so it’s actually hard to tell if they are better or worse than DXRacer’s. I found many positive reviews, however there are also quite a lot of negative opinions, especially about AKRacing casters.

Anyway, many people say the 2.5’’ PU caster move easily and quietly. They praise the wheels for smooth maneuverability and good size. Some user say they work on a carpet really well and they are gentle to the floor covering (no traces on laminate floor). There are however many negative reviews as well: some users say the wheels feel cheap, they work loud (or even rattle) and could use an upgrade. A few people mention that the wheels have broken or snapped off after few weeks. 

What people say about the bases on AKRacing chairs? They like the design (especially of Onyx chairs’ base) and praise its solid construction. Many people say they feel very stable and expect the base to last for many years. Only a few users complain about the quality of the base and position of the center of gravity.

When it comes to new series (Core, Masters and Office) people usually say the chairs are very durable and strong. Some recommend getting a floor mat to make the chair more stable and protect the hardwood floor from plastic casters. 

My verdict: Which brand offers the best bases and casters?

AKRacing chairs are less popular than DXRacer models and have much less reviews in general, so it’s actually hard to say for sure which brand makes the best bases and casters.

Nevertheless, it seems like DXRacer bases and wheel casters have the lowest ratio of negative to positive reviews. And even if customers have had some problems (like when the wheel broke or the base snapped off) customer service was very helpful and responsive.That’s why I rated DXRacer durability at 8/10, while AKRacing durability at 7/10.

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