Functionality: Comparison of DXRacer and AKRacing Features

Features: Which brand offers better equipped gaming chairs?

There are some feature that are common for all gaming chairs from these two brands: adjustable height of the chair, deep recline, neck and lumbar cushions. However there are a few differences as well and they may have a big influence on whether the chair will suit your needs or not.

DXRacer Features Overview

Tilt Mechanism (Rocking Function)

Let’s start by taking a closer look at tilt mechanisms that we can find on DXRacer chairs.

There are two types of tilt mechanism: conventional and multi-functional.

What Is The Differences Between Conventional And Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism?

Conventional tilt mechanism allow you to rock back and forth (tilt angle is 3-17 degrees). In this case the whole chair, seat and backrest, moves backward and forward.

Conventional tilt allow you to lock the whole chair so it doesn’t tilt at all. If you want to engage or disengage the tilt lock you need to use a lever that is on the right side, under the seat. The same lever is for raising and lowering the chair.

So with conventional tilt the chair rocks or doesn’t rock at all, but you cannot lock your chair in tilted position. Conventional tilt mechanism can be found on Formula and Valkyrie Series, as well as on some of the Racing and Drifting Series chairs.

On the other hand, multi-functional tilt mechanism allows you to tilt back (tilt angle is 1-14 degrees), you can also use the tilt lock so the chair doesn’t rock at all and you can use the tilt angle lock to lock the chair in tilted position.

If you look under the chair that has multi-functional tilt mechanism you will also notice the difference, because the lever looks completely different than conventional tilt mechanism lever.

On the right side you have a lever than you use only for raising and lowering the chair, while on the left side there is a lever for tilting and locking it. You can find the multi-functional tilt mechanism on King, Sentinel, Classic and Iron Series, as well as on some of the Drifting and Racing Series models.

As you can see Racing and Drifting are the only series that allow you to choose the tilt mechanism, since some of the models from these series have conventional mechanism, while other models have multi-functional mechanism.

There is also additional type of tilt mechanism – called heavy duty tilt T – which you can find on Tank and Boss Series. The tilt angle is 3-18 degrees, there is also a tilt lock (to prevent the chair for tilting), but it lacks the tilt angle lock, just like the conventional mechanism.

It means that you can rock back and forth, but you can’t lock the chair when it’s tilted. So this mechanism works just like the conventional one, but it’s stronger, because it is designed to hold heavier user.

The difference between conventional tilt mechanism and multi-functional tilt mechanism on DXRacer chairs is best shown on the video which you can see below.

Regardless the tilt mechanism, each DXRacer chair has also a tilt tension knob (in the middle, under the seat) which allows you to change how difficult it is to tilt back – how much resistance the chair puts.

Recline (Backrest Angle)

Apart from the tilt mechanism which is responsible for the rocking function, each DXRacer chair has also a reclining bracket which controls the backrest angle. So you can not only tilt the whole chair, but also recline the backrest independently, just like in a car seat. 

To recline the backrest you just need to pull the lever on the side of the chair. The backrest angle is pretty impressive. Most DXRacer chairs allow you to recline the backrest up to 135 degrees.

Only three Series have smaller backrest recline – up to 120 degrees: Sentinel, Tank and Boss. It is understandable, because these chairs are designed for bigger and heavier users and bigger recline angle could decrease chair stability.

Adjustable Armrests

Another feature that we can find on all DXRacer chairs are the adjustable armrests, however there are three different types of them. 

Some of DXRacer chairs have only height-adjustable armrests which simply slide up and down. You can find them on some of the Formula and Drifting Series models (together with conventional tilt).

The majority of DXRacer chairs are equipped with 3D armrests which slide up and down, forward and backward and pivot from left to right. 3D arms can be found on: Valkyrie Series and some of the chairs from Drifting, Classic, Racing and Formula Series.

There are also 4D armrests that adjust in 4 directions. You can change their height (slide up and down), depth (move back and forth), width (move inward and outward) and angle (pivot from left to right).

Generally speaking 4D arms can be found on big DXRacer chairs like Iron, King, Sentinel, Tank and Boss. However, some models from Classic and Racing Series offer 4D armrest as well, together with multi-functional mechanism, but keep in mind these models are more pricey.

Briefly speaking, height-adjustable armrests are great if you use your chair only for gaming on your PC – you can set the height of each arm separately and find the most comfortable position for the hand that operates the mouse and the hand that operates the keyboard.

3D and 4D armrest are better solution if you are going to use your gaming chair also for work (for typing or drawing), playing on Xbox or PlayStation (and holding a game pad) or relaxing and watching movie/reading a book. In those cases ability to pivot the armrests is especially useful. </table>

Neck & Lumbar Pillow

Another features that are worth mentions are neck & lumbar pillows. All DXRacer chairs offer two cushions that support user’s cervical spine and lower part of his back.

Lumbar cushion is adjustable on all models – you can simply slide it up and down to find the perfect fit for your spine natural curves.

Neck cushion is included with each DXRacer chair as well, but there are 3 different types of it (when we consider its shape). You can read more about it above, in my article about Design.

Most of DXRacer chairs offer adjustable neck pillow which you can attach higher or lower on the headrest so it could support your cervical vertebrae. You can use the elastic band to put the neck pillow on the top of the chair or attach it by using a clip (included!) through the holes in the backrest. The second method allow you to attach the cushion a bit lower which is a great solution for shorter users.

In the video below you can see both methods how to install the neck support on DXRacer chairs:

There are however a few DXRacer chairs (Boss and Classic Series) that have non-adjustable neck pillow – it is built into the headrest and you cannot move it up/down or remove it.

Since we all differ in height, body type and upper body length I think adjustable neck pillow is much better solution than a cushion integrated with the headrest.


There’s one more thing that I’d like to mention here. Some models of Classic and Iron Series offer one additional feature that other DXRacer chairs don’t have – a leg rest. Some people may think it’s just an unnecessary gadget that only makes the chair more pricey, while other may find it quite useful and comfy. If you like to tilt back and relax during watching a movie, playing on PS4 or reading a book, footstool may be actually nice addition.

What People Think About DXRacer Chairs Features?

Feature that customers really like on DXRacer chairs is the deep backrest recline. According to many users it is sufficient and comfortable even for taking a nap or relaxing and watching a movie. Moreover even when the backrest is fully reclined the chair remains stable and majority of users say they feel confident that they won’t tip backward and the whole chair feels solid. It refers to smaller models like Formula and Racing, as well as bigger chairs like Iron (read full customer review) and Sentinel.

When it comes to armrests on DXRacer chairs there are many different opinions: some people say they are too firm and may cause soreness in forearms, while others think they are comfortable and give good support.

What is most noteworthy, there is relatively a lot of negative customer reviews especially about 3D armrest which, according to users, are quite wobbly and flimsy.

Many people complain that armrest don’t have a lock (especially for angle and width) and are very sensitive, so when you put more pressure on them or knock them unintentionally, they shift into different position (for example when user stands up and holds on to armrest or when heavier user puts too much pressure on them). Problems with shaky arms happen on different models, mostly on Racing (more in review #1), Classic (review #2) and King Series (review #3, review#4).

According to users lock on armrest would solve these problems (find out more here). On the other hand there are also users that rave about the quality and durability of armrests even after 3 years of use (see this review #1 for example).

Only height-adjustable armrests usually don’t have problems with wobbliness, however some people say they are less comfortable when you keep your forearms parallel to your arm, because the arm pads are not completely flat, they have slightly curved shape (U-shape), and since you cannot rotate them, the edge digs into your forearm.

Moreover they give you support only in one position – when you keep your arms straight. 

That’s why most people prefer 3D and 4D armrests and despite these issues with wobbliness, most people like them, because they adjust in many ways (read more here).

And when you’re playing you hold your hands on mouse and keyboard at a different angle than when you’re typing or drawing, that’s why it’s good to have armrests that you can move in a few directions (read more for example in this review).

Some people complain that chairs from Drifting and Formula Series have only height-adjustable arms, while they expected more versatile ones at this price point.

Other complains about armrests refer to their height – several people say they don’t go high enough. This refers mostly to Tank, Classic and Boss Series – chairs that are designed for taller users. However I found only a few complains about that issue.

Opinions about lumbar and neck pillows are also very different. It’s like you can love them or you can hate them. About half of users say they are very comfortable and give excellent support (read for example this review or this one) or that they got used to them after a while.

Others say the pillows are too firm or too big and completely uncomfortable. I think it really depends on user’s height, body type and personal preferences whether the cushions feel comfy or not. 

Good thing is that you can easily remove the pillows on most of models and people generally say the adjustable pillows are good because you can move them and take them off. Some people complain about the neck pillow for example on Classic Series, that it is unfortunately non-adjustable (example: review #1).

Some users also complain about the method of attaching the lumbar support and say they have to readjust it as it slides on its own (it refers mostly to Drifting and Racing Series – read more in review #2 and review #3).

And when it comes to leg rest, that is available on some models, most people like it and say it’s actually cool and quite useful (check this review for example), but only when you recline. Otherwise it may be hard to balance.

AKRacing Features Overview

Tilt Mechanism (Rocking Function)

Similar to DXRacer, AKRacing offers two types of tilt mechanism. The names are a bit different, but they work similar. So, on AKRacing chairs we can find standard seat mechanism or pro mechanism (on new series it’s called an advanced mechanism).

The standard mechanism allows you to tilt back (up to 12 degrees on Legacy Series models, up to 18 degrees on new models). Thanks to this feature the whole chair (seat + backrest) rocks back and forth. You can also lock it so the chair doesn’t rock at all. However you cannot lock it when it’s tilted. 

Standard tilt mechanism can be found on AKRacing Legacy chairs (with exception for Onyx and Onyx Deluxe), as well as on new Core Series (EX, EX-Wide, SX and LX) and Opal and Obsidian from new Office Series. The lever also looks similar to DXRacer’s – so there’s one lever that you use to lock/unlock rocking function and lower/raise the chair as well.

Other models have pro mechanism (Onyx & Onyx Deluxe from Legacy Series) which is also called an advanced mechanism (Onyx from Office Series and the whole new Masters Series – Pro, Premium & Max).

This type of mechanism, whatever it is called, allows you to tilt back and lock the chair in that tilted position (Rock It & Lock It function). Of course you can also lock the chair so it doesn’t rock at all.

Pro mechanism allows you to tilt, lock the chair so it doesn’t rock at all or rock back and lock it in tilted position. The lever under the seat looks similar to the one that we can find for example on DXRacer King: on one side there is a lever for tilt lock and tilt angle lock. For lowering and raising the seat there’s another lever on the other side under the seat.

Of course on each (old and new) model there’s also a knob for regulating tilt tension – how much resistance you feel when you try to tilt back.

Recline (Backrest Angle)

Another feature that is common for all AKRacing chairs from all 4 series: the adjustable backrest angle (like in a car seat). So you can not only rock back and forth on the chair, but also recline the backrest separately – up to 180 degrees!

Whether you want to relax during a gaming session or take a break from working and typing, you just need to pull the lever on the side of the chair and recline the backrest to your preferred angle. And since the backrest goes down to fully flat position you can even take a nap in this chair!

Adjustable Armrests

All AKRacing chairs have adjustable armrest that at least slide up and down. Basic, height-adjustable arms can be found on old K7, Prime, Nitro, Overture, Player, Octane and Premium chairs.

ProX and Onyx chairs from Legacy Series have more versatile, 3D armrests that allow you to adjust not only their height, but also depth (move forward & backward) and angle (rotate left to right).

For PC gamers height-adjustable armrest are usually sufficient, however if you want to use your gaming chair for other purposes as well (like paying on PS4 or Xbox, typing on a keyboard or drawing) 3D armrest are a must-have to prevent wrist fatigue and soreness in forearms.

Old models from AKRacing Legacy Series don’t offer 4D arms. But you can find this feature on a few models from new series (2018) – big improvement!

When it comes to new series: AKRacing Core, Masters and Office – all models have 3D or 4D arms.

4D armrests are completely new feature for AKRacing gaming chairs and the biggest improvement that the brand has made for the new 2018 series. 

4D arms you can find on all Masters Series chairs (Pro, Premium & Max), as well as on Obsidian and Onyx from Office Series. Other models have 3D arms.

It is noteworthy that AKRacing not only designs but also manufactures their own armrests and marks them with AKD (AKDesign) logo. It also means that you won’t find them on any other chairs.

Neck & Lumbar Pillows

Another features that AKRacing chairs have in common are adjustable neck & lumbar cushions. All models come with two pillows which you need to attach to the backrest on your own and you can move them higher or lower, depending on your height and body type. Thanks to that your back will be properly supported during long hours of gaming and you’ll avoid lower back and neck pain.

There are a few types of neck pillows (they differ a bit in shape and size) – you can read more about it in the article about Design.

What People Think About AKRacing Chairs Features?

Generally speaking customers really like the reclining and rocking functions and say the chair feels sturdy and doesn’t tip over even when the backrest is fully flat. I found one customer complaint that the tilt tension is too tense even on the lowest setting, but other users don’t mention this issue.

Most people say the armrest are good, however there are also some small complaints that they are not padded well – they are not soft, but feel more durable. One person says arms on Onyx are too hard and move too easily. I’ve noticed one complaint about armrests on K7 Series being too short, but other customers don’t write about that.

Majority of users like the neck and lumbar pillows and say they are comfortable. Some customers say the lower back cushion even helps with posture (check this review). However a few users complain about the neck pillow and don’t use it at all. I also found some complains about the straps, that hold the pillows on the backrest, being too fragile (example: review#1).

Customers really like the adjustability of the chairs from new series (Core, Masters and Office). Even the most basic chair has 3D armrests! Users also rave about the quality and comfort of supporting pillows.


As you can see both brands offer wide variety of features and thanks to that probably every user will find something that suits his needs, preferences and budget.

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