Height & Weight Recommendations for DXRacer and AKRacing – How To Choose a Gaming Chair Accordingly To Your Body Type

Which chair is best for you according to your size?

In this article you will find detailed information about what body type these gaming chairs are recommended for.

DXRacer Size Recommendation

If you are wondering which DXRacer chair would fit you most comfortably, check the table below with the weight & height recommendations.

As you can see DXRacer offers a wide range of models, designed for literally all body types! You can find a chair for people who are short and small, average in height and slim, short and heavy, as well as very tall and hefty! This is DXRacer advantage. Many cheaper brands offer many models, however these chairs have smaller range of sizes.

Series Brand Weight Limit Brand Height Limit Our Weight Recommendation Our Height Recommendation
Formula 200 lbs 6’0’’ 180 lbs 5’8’’
Racing 225 lbs 6’2’’ 180 lbs 5’11’’
Drifting With Conventional Tilt Mechanism 225 lbs 6’2’’ 170 lbs 5’9’’
With Multi-functional Tilt Mechanism 200/225 lbs 6’0’’/6’2’’ 190 lbs 5’10’’
Iron 275 lbs 6’2’’ 250 lbs 5’9’’ – 6’1’’
Classic 275 lbs 6’3’’ 225 lbs 5’8’’ – 5’10’’
Valkyrie 275 lbs 6’3’’ 180 lbs 5’11’
Sentinel 350 lbs 6’6’’ 325 lbs 6’ – 6’5’’
King 450 lbs? 6’6’’ 275 lbs 5’9’’- 6’2’’
Boss 450 lbs 6’6’’ 400 lbs 6’ – 6’2’’
Tank 450 lbs 6’6’’ 425 lbs 6’1’’ – 6’6’’

Here are some height and weight recommendations based on customer reviews.


Formula Series is mostly used by people from 5’2’’ to 5’10’’, from 100 to 200 lbs. It allows shorter person to keep their feet flat on the floor. For taller and heavier person with wide shoulders or thighs it would be too small. Many users say that if you’re above 5’11’’ you should go for bigger model.


Racing Series is the best option for users from 5’7’’ to 6ft tall and from 100 to 200 lbs. For a short user (less than 5’3”) it will be probably too high. It’s most comfortable for skinny and slim people, with narrow upper body (it is noteworthy that this chair is narrower than Formula Series chairs!). It’s not a good choice if you have athletic build or broad shoulders.


Drifting Series is most suitable for users from 5’8’’ up to 6’0’’, with skinny build (100-170 lbs).


Classic Series is most comfortable for people from 5’8’’. However this model has non-adjustable neck pillow (it is built-in) and it may be too low to a person over 5’11’’, especially if he has long torso. It can hold a heavy user with athletic build though.


Iron Series fits perfectly users from 5’9’’ to 6’3’’ and up to 265 lbs. It’s a good choice for people with bigger thighs or those who like to spread their legs while sitting. Users with wide upper body (bigger than size 44) should consider King Series.


King Series is great for taller users: from 5’11’’ up to 6’3’’. It can fit a heavier person (up to 290 lbs), but because of the tall wings on each side of the seat, it may be too narrow for someone with large thighs.

So if you have bigger upper body but average/slim lower body – go for King. If you have big butt and not very athletic upper body – go for Iron.


Sentinel Series is perfect solution for big and tall person. It’s most suitable from 5’10’’ up to 6’5’’ and up to 300 lbs.


According to customers, Boss Series is perfect for a tall and heavy person with wide, but not very long upper body.


Tank Series is the biggest of all DXRacer chairs and it can easily accommodate a user with big and tall frame (up to 6’7’’ and 400 lbs). It’s also very comfy for tall and skinny person or average in height but chubby person.

AKRacing Size Recommendation

First of all, I need to mention that in winter 2018 AKRacing added a few series with new chairs to their collection. There are four main series: Core, Masters, Office and Legacy. The Legacy Series includes all old models: K7, Prime, Nitro, Octane, Overture, Player, Premium, ProX and Onyx. Some of them are still for sale at the time I’m writing this, however these models won’t be restocked.

New chairs from Core, Masters and Office Series look like upgraded and improved version of old models. Although the appearance is similar, there are new features. You can find out more about it in my article about gaming chairs features.

Now, let’s take a quick look at AKRacing chairs sizes.

When it comes to the old models (Legacy Series) AKRacing doesn’t gives us as many information as DXRacer and there are no recommendations for user’s height, weight or BMI which makes choosing one of AKRacing chairs more difficult.

The only information that we can find on the official website is that all chairs have weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg).

Below you can find our recommendations, based on our comparison of AKRacing chairs with DXRacer models and dozens of customer reviews on Amazon. Please remember that these are only approximate sizes, based on reviews written by people who have bought and tested these chairs. Everything depends on body build (e.g. legs and upper body length) and personal preferences. These recommendation refer to most common users’ size.

Series Recommended Weight (Best up to) Recommended Height 
K7 180 lbs 5’6’’ – 6’ (sweet spot 5’9’’)
Prime 180 lbs 5’6’’ – 6’ (sweet spot 5’9’’)
Nitro 200 lbs 5’6’’ – 6’ (sweet spot 5’9’’)
Premium 250 lbs 5’5” – 6’ (sweet spot 5’9”)
Octane 200 lbs 5’7’’- 5’11’ (sweet spot 5’8’’)
Player 200 lbs 5’7’’- 5’11’ (sweet spot 5’8’’)
Onyx 250 lbs 5’7’’ – 6’1’’ (sweet spot 5’11’)
Overture 200 lbs 5’7’’ – 6’2’’ (sweet spot 5’9’’) 
ProX 275 lbs 5’11’’ – 6’4’’ (sweet spot 6’2’’) 

K7, Prime, Nitro

What is noteworthy, AKRacing K7, Prime and Nitro have the same dimensions so they are designed for the same type of users. However, Nitro has seat cover made of PU leather (instead of fabric) which may be stronger and suitable for a bit heavier people.

K7, Prime and Nitro are quite similar to DXRacer Formula (in terms of size).


Another important thing: Although Onyx is wide (about 2.5” wider than K7) its seat is bucket-style seat. It means both sides of the seat are raised and there are large wings on each side of the backrest. Because of that person with wide shoulders and hips and large thighs may technically fit in it, but the wings may cause pressure on his legs and arms.


According to customers none of the AKRacing chairs is suitable for hefty people with wide hips and upper body, except for ProX. Only ProX is wide enough to accommodate tall and big users. It’s really wide, so even a person with really wide hips and shoulders will fit in between seat wings. On the other hand ProX may be too wide for a tall and skinny person.

Now let’s check the new series: Core, Masters and Office. All chairs from new series have weight limit of 330 lbs, except for the AKRacing Masters Series Max chair which can hold up to 400 lbs.

Additionally, the brand gives us BMI recommendations to help us to decide whether the chair is right for our body type.

  Recommended BMI Border
Core Series EX Up to 29 30-35
EX-Wide Up to 35 36-40
SX Up to 29 30-35
LX Up to 29 30-35
Masters Series Max Up to 41 42-50
Premium Up to 29 30-35
Pro Up to 35 36-40
Office Series Opal Up to 35 36-40
Obsidian Up to 29 30-35
Onyx Up to 35 36-40

New chairs from AKRacing Core, Masters and Office Series don’t have many reviews on the Internet yet, so I cannot tell you what customers say about their sizes. However I did compare these chairs with older models and here are my conclusions.


Core Series EX, SX and LX chairs have similar size to old K7, Prime and Nitro chairs. Therefore these models are definitely designed for short and average users. 


EX-Wide has wider backrest and seat than other Core Series chairs so it may be a good option for someone who isn’t very tall (let’s say up to 6ft), but has wider hips and shoulders. It’s also a good option for average person who likes sitting cross-legged.


AKRacing Masters Series Pro has similar dimensions to AKRacing Legacy Series ProX chair. So we can assume it will be a good fit for big and heavy guy. 

However both these chairs differ in height settings. Pro chair is suitable for taller users than ProX. AKRacing Masters Series Pro is a big & tall chair.


AKRacing Masters Series Premium is rather skinny & tall chair. It has similar height settings as Pro chair, and additionally this model has deeper seat, so it’s even better for tall people with long legs. However this chair has narrower cushion and backrest (similar to EX chair) so it’s rather for slim/average body type.


Third chair from Masters Series – AKRacing Max can hold heavier user (400 lbs), and additionally it has wider backrest for those who have broad shoulders. Moreover, the seat doesn’t have high wings on each side, so it will be more comfortable for users who have wide hips and massive thighs. I would say this is a tank chair for hefty, average and tall users (sweet spot: 5’11’’-6’2’’).

Customers confirm that. AKRacing MAX chair is comfortable and big enough to accommodate a person who is 6’1’’ or even 6’6’’. It holds up well even a heavy user (like 350 or 380 lbs). The seat is flat – meaning there are no wings – so it doesn’t hurt your thighs and doesn’t squeeze you. The backrest doesn’t have big wings either therefore a person with wide shoulders can feel comfy and maintain good posture in it.


AKRacing Opal chair is designed for average in size guys. It may be a good fit for chubby person as well, but not very tall (I would say it’s best up to 6’1’’ tall). Users confirm that it accommodate a heavy person (over 300 lbs).


Obsidian model from AKRacing Office Series is also for average in height people. It doesn’t have wings on each side of the seat therefore it won’t dig into your thighs if you like to sit with your legs spread apart. However, the backrest is bucket-styled, with large wings. If you have wide, muscular upper body it may be less comfortable for you.


It’s the same with AKRacing Office Series Onyx chair which has even more rounded backrest that cuddles you in it. Moreover this model has wings on both sides of the seat. 

If you have wide hips and shoulders, or simply don’t want a chair with high wings on sides, choose different model, with wider backrest.

Exact dimensions of all AKRacing chairs can be found on their official website.


DXRacer and AKRacing offer large amount of models and wide range of sizes. You can find a chair that will suit a short and skinny person, average in height and slim person, chubby user or a big and tall guy. And thanks to recommendation stated on brands’ official websites you can choose the chair that will suit your height and weight the best.

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