Customer Support: Comparison of DXRacer and AKRacing Warranty & Returning Policy

Which brand offers better customer support and warranty terms?

In this article we will answer the question: which brand, DXRacer or AKRacing offers better customer support and warranty terms.

Are you curious about our verdict? Here it is.

DXRacer Customer Support & Warranty Overview

DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty for the steel frame and 2-year warranty for other parts of the chair (only if you’re original purchaser).

The warranty doesn’t cover for example: wear and tear that is expected to happen over the course of using the chair; products that weren’t installed, used or maintained accordingly to instructions; color-fastness or marching of colors, grains or textures of covering materials. You can read more about the warranty and exclusions on DXRacer website.

In accordance with DXRacer returning policy you have 30 days from the day of purchase to ship the returning chair and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping. Once DXRacer receives the chair, they will conduct an inspection of it.

DXRacer will waive restocking fees (10% if the package is completely factory sealed and 20% if the package has been opened and/or you have assembled the chair). If the chair hasn’t been damaged you will receive the refund (the amount will depend on whether you’re exchanging the chair or returning it and how big is the restocking fee).

You all probably wonder what other people think about DXRacer customer support (warranty and returning policy).

I went through hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon and majority of users who have had some issues with the chairs, agree that customer support was responsive and very helpful – especially when the user received a product with defect or if it broke (for example the casters or arms) soon after purchasing (usually DXRacer were willing to send the new part really quickly).

There were of course a few negative comments that the customer service wasn’t helpful, however most reviews about the customer service are positive. 

During writing this review I’ve also emailed DXRacer support to get some information and they’ve responded within a few minutes!

There is however one thing that people don’t like about DXRacer returning policy and many users, who have wanted to return their chair or exchange it for another size, complain about having to pay for shipping and restocking fees.

AKRacing Customer Support & Warranty Overview

AKRacing America, Inc. offers 5-year warranty for any defects in material and workmanship and 10-year warranty for the metal frame (only if you’re original purchaser). 

Keep in mind that AKRacing Europe offers only 2-year warranty for the defects in material and workmanship. 

Manufacturer warranty does not cover for example: problems that weren’t cause by defects (for example stains, scratches etc.), normal wear and tear that is expected to happen under normal use, products that weren’t installed, user or maintained in accordance with the instructions. 

You can read more about the warranty on AKRacing website.

If the product isn’t faulty and doesn’t have any defects, but you want to return it (because you don’t like it or you’ve bought the wrong size), AKRacing gives you 14 days return policy and in this case you need to cover the cost of shipping. So you need to return unused chair within 14 days (from the day it came into your possession). And the best part is that AKRacing won’t charge you with any restocking fees!

Keep in mind that it must be sent in original package and in the same, unused condition. When AKRacing receives the returning chair they conduct an inspection to check if the product is in its original condition, miss any parts or have any damages.

There are not many reviews assessing AKRacing warranty or customer support. Generally speaking users are satisfied with the customer service and the warranty length. Several users mention some issue with their chairs (some defects or some parts that broke soon after purchasing) and they have received the replacement very quickly.

It is noteworthy that people who bought the chair from new series often mention that the cover on lever side came broken – it’s not a functioning part, it’s just a cover. Most of the users reported it to the brand and received a new cover.

My Final Verdict: Which Brand Offer The Best Customer Support & Warranty?

In this category probably AKRacing is the winner. They don’t have restocking fees like DXRacer and their warranty is longer.

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