MAXNOMIC vs DXRacer – Which brand has the best gaming chair?

Any discussion of the best gaming chairs would have to include these 2 brands: MAXNOMIC and DXRacer. Both of these are premium American brands that easily edge the competition with the level of quality that they use on their chairs. 

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either DXRacer or MAXNOMIC as far as comfort is concerned. We’ve also had a good experience with them in terms of customer support – a vital factor when spending over $200 bucks on a chair.

All this is subjective, though, as we all have varying needs. So, let’s get you to the core of this. MAXNOMIC vs DXRacer – which brand has the best gaming seat overall?

DXRacer & MAXNOMIC: Brands Overview


DXRacer is a renowned giant and a staple among popular professional gamers and Youtubers. It has also been an exclusive seat for several gaming events, including WGC and UMG.

Perhaps the main reason for this is that DXRacer is the oldest of all gaming chair manufacturers. This brand is regarded as the father of modern ergonomic gaming and office chairs.

With over 2 decades in this industry, there’s no arguing that they understand what gamers need.


Maxnomic logo

MAXNOMIC has been around for around 7 years only, therefore we could say that it is a ‘newbie’ in this industry. But even with their relatively late entrance, MAXNOMIC has already carved a niche for itself in the premium gaming chairs market. It has also attracted the attention of several big names, including Team SoloMid, Linus Media Group, and Riot Games.

MAXNOMIC & DXRacer: What Type Of Gaming Chairs Does Each Brand Offer?  


Maxnomic chairs

MAXNOMIC currently offers only 4 main categories of gaming chairs. But they also have special and OSU edition chairs. Each group has lots of variations behind it to cater to a broader market in terms of design and color options.

Choosing the best gaming chair is all about getting the right size, and all the ergonomic features that can fit within your budget.

To make the selection process easy for you, MAXNOMIC differentiates its 4 categories of seats in terms of size from small (S) to extra-large (XL). Interestingly, all the basic and advanced ergonomic features you’d need in a gaming chair come standard on all these categories.

In short, whether you are getting the S-size or XL model, you’ll be treated to a reclinable seat with a metallic base, 4D armrests, and adjustable head and lumbar supports. All MAXNOMIC seats are made of synthetic leather (more on than later) and are filled with cold-cured foam.

Here is a quick glance at each of these categories: 

Casual Sport (S)

Casual Sport is a basic level gaming chair and the most affordable from this brand.

While it’s meant for gamers on a budget, this category boasts all the features that you’d find on its pricier siblings. It has a super sporty look with synthetic leather, a 27.5’’ metallic base, recline function, and 4D armrest.

There are a total of 11 seats in this category and they support a height range of 5’0’’-5’9’’ and weights of between 110 lbs and 176 lbs.

Pro-gaming and office (M)

Chairs in this category are slightly pricier than the Casual Sport. That’s probably because they are crafted to support a higher weight.

These chairs still use the 27.5’’ base and 4D armrest and do recline too. However, they support a higher weight range of 177-220 lbs, and taller gamers ranging from 5’10’’ to 6’1’’.

Office comfort (L)

This category is meant for tall and heavy gamers with a height of 6’2’’-6’5’’, and weighing 221 lbs – 285 lbs. Since the chairs in this category are designed to accommodate huge players, the seat panel has much flatter side panels to accommodate large thighs.

Expect to fork out some real good money on chairs in this category.

XL series (XL)

The XL Series is built like a tank, and it’s marketed towards the biggest and heaviest gamers. Similar to the Office Comfort category, chairs in this series have a flatter side panel for optimum comfort during prolonged sitting sessions. These chairs are a good fit for guys with large frame and big thighs.

The major difference that this category brings, however, is its extra-large (and perhaps extra heavy-duty) 31.5’’ metallic base. This base can accommodate gamers weighing 286 lbs – 375 lbs.

The XL Series also comes with a hefty price tag to match.


DXRacer has a much longer catalog and offers both regular office chairs and gaming chairs, computer desks, gaming gear, foot rests, and accessories.

This brand offers 6 categories (called series) of gaming chairs. It also has a whole lot of special edition chairs for gamers who’d love a more customized chair.

Unlike MAXNOMIC, each of DXRacer’s series differs significantly in terms of features. For instance, some categories come with 2D armrests, while others are 4D configured. The base also differs from nylon to metallic, and the size of the casters vary too.

Also, while all its seats are filled with high-density body-shaping foam, they use different covers ranging from synthetic leather to mesh, and from carbon-look vinyl to real leather.

Also worth mentioning, it’s quite hard to give a definite price bracket for each DXRacer series. This is because the prices differ within each category.

Basically, all these differences imply that you’ll need to dig around more to get the perfect DXRacer chair for your needs and gaming style.  

Here are the 6 categories that DXRacer offers;

Formula series

dxracer formula

This is the most popular series on DXRacer’s line of gaming chairs, perhaps due to its entry-level price tag. It provides a collection of over 40 seats and multiple color options and accommodates gamers with a height of 4’8’’ to 5’9’’ and a weight of up to 180 pounds.  

Not all chairs in this category offer 3D armrests. Some have only height-adjustable arms. Depending on the model, the cover may be PU or fabric or both, and the wheelbase may be of aluminum or nylon.

Racing series

Similar to the Formula series, chairs in the Racing series has a slim body, but the backrest is notably taller. As such, these gaming chairs accommodate taller gamers ranging from 5’4’’ to 6’2’’. The manufacturer recommended weight capacity is 220 pounds, although they can hold up to 250 pounds.  

These are mid-budget gaming seats. Albeit slightly pricier than the Formula series, we feel that they are fairly priced. 

Valkyrie series

The Valkyrie series is a top of the range collection made for gamers who would want the extended backrest of the Racing series, but with a slightly wider body.

This series is slightly on the higher side too, due to the additional construction materials. It can accommodate gamers weighing up to 225 lbs, and with a recommended height of 6’0’’.

The Valkyries series gaming seats are made of cold-cured foam and a combination of PU leather and carbon-look PVC. They feature DXRacer’s recent wheelbase design – the Spider, and are fitted with 3D armrests and 3’’ casters.

King series

The King series introduces you to the world of DXRacer’s heavy-duty chairs. The seats in this category have a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, although the manufacturer recommends 275 pounds. The manufacturer also recommends it for slim, average, and athletic gamers with a height of between 5’9’’ and 6’2’’.

Unlike the previous series, gaming chairs in the King series have 4D armrests. The wheelbases are aluminum with 3’’ PU casters, while the cover can be PU leather and carbon-look vinyl, or a combination of both.

Sentinel series

The Sentinel series is the second most heavy-duty gaming chair by DXRacer. It is engineered purposely for brawnier and taller gamers with heights of 6’-6’5’’ and weights of 325 lbs. Needless to mention, it is also one of the most expensive. Among other features, the Sentinel features 4D armrests, 3’’ casters, and PU and Carbon look vinyl cover.


Aptly named so, this series is for the large gamers with an athletic and above average body build. The tank has an extended backrest and a large sitting surface. It makes a great choice for people within the 6’1’’-6’6’’ height range and has an incredibly high weight limit of 425 pounds.

The Tank gaming chairs have a very thick cold foam padding (DXRacer says it’s 20% thicker than other seats) to accommodate heavier users. The seats are made of fine PU leather and have 4D armrests and 3’’ casters.

MAXNOMIC vs DXRacer Chairs: General Comparison

Variety and Choosing

Both of these brands have a wide choice of chairs for gamers to select them. However, it’s clear that DXRacer wins here with its 6 series compared to MAXNOMIC’s 4 categories.

When you get to choosing your ideal seat, though, you’ll find MAXNOMIC very friendly. First, this brand’s shorter list implies that you won’t be bombarded with lots of chairs to choose from. But what we find so appealing is that all its seats share similar features and construction material across the 4 categories. This is unlike with DXRacer, where there are a lot of variations within each series.

These variations are vital if everyone has to get a seat that best meets their needs, though. For instance, while all MAXNOMIC gaming chairs are made of synthetic leather – which may make your thighs and back sweaty, DXRacer offers several options, including mesh fabric – better choice for people with tendency to sweat a lot.

So, while it might take you some time to compare all the available options with DXRacer, it’s easy to get a chair that ticks all the boxes.

Features and Pricing

In gaming chairs, the price correlates with the features of each model. This is what makes it quite hard to choose the clear winner here.

MAXNOMIC seats have a relatively high starting price point, compared to DXRacer’s start point.

However, it’s easy to understand where this difference in starting prices come in. While DXRacer seems the best brand for gamers on a budget, its entry-level chairs have basic features, including only height-adjustable armrests. For 3D and 4D arms you have to pay extra.

On the other hand, for around $100 more, what you might call an entry-level MAXNOMIC gaming seat has all the features that you’ll find on its heavy-duty siblings, including 4D armrests.

Switching focus to the premium seats from each brand, MAXNOMIC’s and DXRacer chairs come at around the same price. The difference comes in the manufacturer recommended weight capacity. The DXRacer is the sure winner here.


This is another area that MAXNOMIC and DXRacer tend to tie. Chairs from these manufacturers have most of the basic features that a gamer would be looking for: heavy padding, head and lumbar support, tilt, adjustable armrests, and adjustable height, among others.

So, provided you have the budget and are keen to choose a chair that meets your weight and height needs, any of these brands will do.

DXRacer Chairs


  • Relatively lower starting price
  • Lots of variations in colors and materials
  • Comes from a renowned manufacturer
  • Higher weight limits across all categories


  • Lots of options make choosing intimidating
  • Low-end chairs have basic features (no 4D arms on cheapest chairs)

MAXNOMIC Gaming Chairs


  • Easy to choose
  • Great features and functionalities even on entry-level models (like 4D arms on all chairs)


  • Fewer options implies that not all gamers may get their perfect chairs
  • Relatively higher starting prices
  • Relatively lower weight on its high-end models

Best MAXNOMIC Chairs vs Best DXRacer Chairs

To sum up this MAXNOMIC vs DXRacer discussion, let’s compare some of the most popular chairs from these brands, especially those that are marketed towards similar gamers.

MAXNOMIC Thunderbolt vs DXRacer Formula

maxnomic thunderbolt vs dxracer formula
MAXNOMIC Thunderbolt vs DXRacer Formula – Which chair is better for you?

If you are looking for an affordable gaming chair from either of these 2 brands, the Thunderbolt from MAXNOMIC, and DXRacer’s Formula series are probably what you are going to consider first. These two are nicely built and cater to an almost similar market.

The Thunderbolt is meant for gamers between 5’0’’-5’9’’ and weighing between 110 lbs and 176 lbs. It is made of cold-cured foam, and the backrest and seat cover is a synthetic leather.

This chair is usually a bit pricier than the Formula chair. But this extra amount gets you 4D armrests and a metallic wheelbase that you won’t find with the Formula.

The Formula might interest you if you are after the most affordable good-quality gaming chair. It accommodates heights of 4’8’’ to 5’9’’, and a weight of up to 180 pounds.

While it has most of the important functions for an ergonomic gaming chair, its armrests are only height-adjustable. In addition, it uses nylon wheelbase – which may be not that strong and durable.

The major issue that previous buyers highlight with this chair is its mesh cover. While this fabric makes it very durable and more breathable, some people find it a tad uncomfortable. It may be just a matter of preferences. 

Who wins?

The Formula might be a great option if you are strapped for cash, but still want something high-quality that will last a few years. However, the stronger metallic wheelbase of the Thunderbolt and 4D armrests are worth the extra bucks.

MAXNOMIC Ergoceptor (Pro) vs DXRacer Racing series

The Ergoceptor (Pro) and Racing series are another pair from these brands that an average size gamer could go with.

DXRacer Racing is a popular gaming chair in DXRacer lineup. This chair states a recommended weight limit of 220 pounds, a max weight limit of 250 pounds. It is recommended to gamers 5’4’’ to 6’2’’ in height.

The cover is a combination of PU and vinyl, and the lower base is made of aluminum. This chair has an extra higher backrest and features 3D or 4D armrests, depending on the specific model (and price, of course). You’ll also get free adjustable head and lumbar pillows with your purchase. There are also other versions of this chair that allow you to change the cover material.

The Ergoceptor (Pro) is a highly recommendable gaming chair too. This chair is meant for gamers 5’10’’ to 6’1’’ in height, and 177-220 lbs heavy. It comes with a 22.7’’ base, 4D armrests, and PU leather padding. For maximum comfort, you’ll also get adjustable lumbar and head pillows.

Both of these chairs are highly functional and very comfortable. They are also quite hard to choose one over the other, especially considering their very close price tags.

The winner? 

Well, we are great fans of the Ergoceptor’s PU leather and stitching. This seems like a chair you’d use both as a gaming chair and in the office. Unfortunately, its dominant black color might not interest most gamers who’d value something brighter.

DXRacer Racing may be better option for someone who values wider range of color options, wider height range accommodation, and higher weight limit.

MAXNOMIC Team Liquid 2.0 (X-Large) vs DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NR

For gamers with above-average body build, the MAXNOMIC Team Liquid (2.0) and the Tank series might be what you want. 

The Liquid 2.0 XL is among the most robust gaming chairs from MAXNOMIC. It is nicely designed and sturdily built to accommodate gamers weighing 286 lbs – 375 lbs and with a height of 6’2’’-6’5’’.

This chair uses cold cured foam and synthetic leather and has an extra-large base for stability. It is also fitted with premium 4D armrests with fingerrests and comes complete with lumbar and headrest pillows.

The DXRacer Tank is a great alternative to the Liquid 2.0 X-large. Actually, these two come at around the same price. Tank is a heavy-duty chair too, with a sturdy aluminum base, PU cover, 3’’ casters, and multi-directional 4D adjustable armrests.


While both of these seats are engineered for largely built gamers, the DXRacer Tank takes the lead in terms of both weight and height limits. However some users complain about the armrest wobbliness. This may encourage you to go for the MAXNOMIC chair.

Final word

We hope that you will find our comparison of DXRacer and MAXNOMIC chairs useful and you’ll find your ideal gaming chair. If you’re still hesitant whether to choose one of the DXRacer or one of the MAXNOMIC chairs, let us know in the comment section below – we’d be more than happy to help you narrow down your choice!